First Smash DLC character revealed: Joker from Persona 5!

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It will only make sense if Persona 5 is coming to Switch, right? Also where is SMT V?

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#3 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4497 posts) -

I thought they announced Pirahna Plant already, uh..

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@sub_o: Cloud was in the last one and FF 7 wasn't on a Nintendo platform.

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My God they really are just a bunch of mad men over at Nintendo. That's insanely awesome and I cant wait until hes available.

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@barrock: Awww. So it's kinda unpredictable then.

Also is this the reference to the TGA's World Will Change subtitle?

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@barrock said:

@sub_o: Cloud was in the last one and FF 7 wasn't on a Nintendo platform.

I kinda put it down to Sony just not being able to hold on to their legacy at the time, but still, how the hell did Cloud get in despite Yamauchi's undying white-hot rage at Square's defection to Sony during the N64/PS1 era? These are strange times indeed.

I'm not sure whether this makes Banjo more or less likely. The licencing is probably not hard, but with how dated the character is and how much of a splash they seem to be going for with these reveals, maybe the bear and bird are just too easy.

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Okay, I am genuinely surprised at this one. Bayonetta, Cloud and Ryu were definitely cool and unexpected, but this one is just straight up out of left field.

Persona 5 was my GOTY though, so I'm way fuckin' into this.

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#9 Posted by theuprightman (218 posts) -

Hopefully this means there is some Persona coming to switch

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Holy heck, I'm shaking. What a treat. Persona's come a long way, I'm so proud. :')

@blu3v3nom07: From my understanding, there are five DLC characters in the "Fighter Pack" that each come with a stage and music. Piranha Plant is just a bonus character without that stuff.

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Very unexpected! Looking forward to the cool music!

I hope it means Persona Q2 will get localized at least.

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#12 Posted by Epidehl (704 posts) -

Man, seeing this live was unreal. The build up to announcement was so good. I haven't gotten this excited about any video game thing in a while quite frankly.

Back to Dancing in Starlight then! Hoping they announce the Q2 English date soon.

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Where's my Tokyo Mirage Sessions port

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@imhungry said:

Where's my Tokyo Mirage Sessions port

This. So much this.

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Well. This is wild. If this is the first DLC character, it makes me really curious what the next four will be like. Give me Solaire, Nintendo!

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Best news all night, I'm happy with this one.

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This blew my mind. Also the thought of Persona 5 music in Smash is also blowing my mind. I can't wait to see the stage! Also if Persona 5 does come to Switch I will have no choice but to double dip. It's one of my top PS4 games.

I'm also now wondering what his final smash will be. I really hope it includes the entire party, like other RPG characters, Shulk comes to mind.

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#18 Posted by vinone (325 posts) -

I hope every DLC character is from non-Nintendo games. I would love that so much.

Also I saw someone point out on Twitter that the English voice actor for Joker and the Smash Bros. announcer are the same person.

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@imhungry said:

Where's my Tokyo Mirage Sessions port

This. So much this.

I'll jump on this train. That game deserves the wider audience that the Switch would provide.

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