Nintendo x Capcom could it work?

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#1 Posted by BeserkGamer (74 posts) -

If Nintendo and Capcom came together to make a game how do you think it would turn out? 
If there was a game I think it would play like melee but I would like it to play like Smash 1. It should have like characters like Marth or Roy, Falco, Meta Knight, Guile, Captain Commando, and MegaMan Zero.  It would be cool if it had the sound effects from Smash  1. 
I know its probably not going to get made but I would like to read your thoughts.

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#2 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

I'd rather see Capcom produce their style of versus game with NIntendo characters than Nintendo make a Smash Bros. with half the roster comprised of Capcom characters.

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