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 Each stage is its own late title card.
Each stage is its own late title card.

As with its predecessor Super Star Wars, Super Empire Strikes Back loosely follows the events of its source material. The 19 levels of the game takes the player through the wastelands of Hoth, the defense and escape from Echo Base, the asteroid field, the swamps of Dagobah and the hallways of Cloud City. The Mode 7 graphics from the last game return in levels that require the player to pilot the snowspeeder on Hoth and the X-Wing on the approach to Cloud City.



Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker all return as playable characters but each level has only one available character. Each character has a secondary weapon in addition to the upgradeable blaster: a lightsaber (Luke), a handful of grenades (Han) or a spin attack (Chewie). Also new to the game is the ability for Luke to block blasters with his lightsaber and the double jump. During the Dagobah missions, Luke can collect 8 different Force powers: elevation, mind control, slowdown, saber control, saber deflect, invisible, heal and freeze.

There are again three difficulty levels: Easy, Brave and Jedi. To compensate for the intense difficulty, a password system was introduced to prevent players from having to beat the game in one sitting.

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