Bloody charge-moves...

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#1 Posted by EvilDingo (651 posts) -

I guess it's not as much a issue with HD Remix but more general for the franchise...

I can't really pull these moves off consistently.
I very often fail to pull off on of these moves, which is very annoying since they (as I see it) require a great amount of time and planning as opposed moves that *just* require immediate button presses.

This pretty much confines me to only be able to use about half of the characters. I can pretty much discount using following characters:
Guile, Chun-Li, E Honda, Blanka, M Bison, Vega, Dee Jay and Balrog.

Funny thing actually. Back in the day when SF2 was new, my main character was actually Guile. This was actually on the version for Amiga though, which (as I can understand) wasn't a very good version of the game... But it was the one I had access to.
Have never been able to pick Guile up again since... Can't even imagine how people can pull of charge-moves on a d-pad.

I figure the absence of charge moves also is what makes Ryu and Ken the default *beginner* characters.
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No worries man, I can't pull of charge moves on a D-Pod either. It has never made sense to me how to time that right. I usually use analog sticks on controllers, or Joysticks.

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#3 Posted by StaticFalconar (4918 posts) -

2 main thing with charge characters,

ABC (Always Be Charging)
Plan ahead 2 seconds ahead of time (Thats game time and not real time).

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#4 Posted by super_machine (2008 posts) -

Dude I can pull off Sumo headbutts like its nothing. Just keep practicing.

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#5 Posted by EvilDingo (651 posts) -
super_machine said:
"Dude I can pull off Sumo headbutts like its nothing. Just keep practicing."
well, of cause. Didn't say people couldn't do it. Just said I had a hard time doing it :-)
Also I fought a dude online playing as Guile, and he was pretty much spamming specials - So obviously you can use them as often as you wish, providing you're able to pull them of.

But admittedly I'm already doing a lot better.
Since I wrote the last post, I spent a good hour or so in training with Guile. It really becomes more apparent how you use the moves if you set the other character as an computer controlled player. Charge moves comes more naturally when you're forced into blocking.

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