Messed up difficulty?

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Let me begin by saying that 'm a complete noob at Street Fighter. The only one I had played before this one was Alpha 3 on GBA, and that was years ago.

So I bought this game, and tried Easy mode with Ryu. I only used four attacks(Hadoken, red hadoken, Hurricane kick and normal kick), and despite failing to pull off moves quite often(due to the crappy 360 controller) I managed to beat it.
Then I went to Expert mode, just to see how much I'd get my ass kicked. I was quite surprised when I beat the first fight on my first try. Same thing happened with the second - the third took two tries - and so it went on. The only fights that took more than 5 tries were Vega and Bison(who I ended up defeating not by skill or strategy, but by spamming Hurricane kick). Beating Expert mode was actually easier than beating Easy mode.
I'm wondering if anyone else feels that the difficulty is messed up, or if it's just me?

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