Any interest still from GB'ers on the PlayStation 3?

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As some of you may know, and as others probably don't, I used to be hugely involved in the SSFIV community way back when, for better or worse. And while Evolution 2012 sparked my interest to get back into fighting games in a huge way, Super Street Fighter IV AE is my shit, and I'm ready to dive back in. I played regularly on Xbox Live, but due to money constraints, I don't have Gold and do not want to sign up for Gold. So, I've switched to the PlayStation 3.

Essentially, my question is to this community: is there much interest in this game from any fellow Giant Bombers right now? I'd really like to get some competition going in some fashion, and while my inputs will be ache-y, I definitely looking forward to getting back into the groove in a big way.


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I wouldn't mind getting back in but for me it's been a looong time. Yeah after watching EVO I wanted to get back into playing SSF4 but something tells me I'm gonna get my ass kicked after not playing for ages.

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@Napalm: I still play a few times a day, but am not particularly good at it. I'm also in the UK, so connection to most duders will probably be an issue.
Hopefully we get some more replies.

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