Looking for sparring partners! (PS3)

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#1 Posted by MostlyBearded (193 posts) -

Hello there GB community! I'm a mid-level Cody player trying to get into using an arcade stick, so my execution has gone to hell. I'm looking for practice against shotos or anything else you have to offer. Hit me up on PSN: MostlyBearded

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#2 Posted by TechHits (1483 posts) -

@MostlyBearded: do you wanna play right now?

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#3 Posted by ZenGaijin (162 posts) -

I play Vega (main) Juri(Secondary) & Chun (my old main)

PSN id: ZenGaijLn hit me up anytime you want a match

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#4 Posted by StarvingGamer (11361 posts) -

I'm out of SF practice cuz it's been all Marvel all the time for the past 8 months, but if you want to beat the shit out of a Balrog/Seth/Rose/Sim/Hakan player (who secretly mains Dan) then feel free to add catbond on PSN. Just PM me if I'm on and you want to play, I'm usually not doing anything important.

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