Love MK, but I'm looking for a little more...

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I hadn't played a fighting game until MK came out this past summer. I loved the hell out of the demo and all of the praise from GB finally convinced me to get it pretty much the day it came out. It was a risk, but it tuned out fine in the long run. I played a ton of it over the summer and got way into it. I was never to insanely good, but I could hold my own. I got back into it eariler this month and am having a blast again, though I'd kind of like to try something new. From what I've heard MK is the easier of the fighting games for beginners to get into. Since Super Street Figher is one of the other big fighting games I thought I'd give it a try. I love the way it looks, and it seems to have ALOT of cool characters. I just wonder if it will be tough for me to get into since I'm used to the arrow button attacks as opposed to the quarter circle play of Street Fighter. I found myself always using the d-pad over the analog sticks when doing MK attacks so I'm worried that may effect my play.

So I thought I'd ask you guys if you think I'd have a hard time getting into it? I probably won't do too much online play, though I may dabble here or there like I did with MK. It's only $15 on Amazon so it seems like a great deal. I'm just curious if anyone else here also got into fighting games this year due to MK and also went and got into Street Fighter. Will it be tough for me to get into, or can beginners get the hang of SSFIV with a little experience of other fighting games?

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SFIV/SSFIV is the most beginner friendly SF game to date. Just go for it, it's harder than MK to start with because the motions are (generally) harder to execute, but it's nothing time won't help.

If you don't get good at playing it, at least understand how most of the systems work, then you can watch Evo this year and enjoy the action, it's a more interesting game to watch than MK by far. has a lot of great info. Also, if you get used to SSFIV it'll be a solid foundation for Street Fighter x Tekken, since that is also a 6 button game with many of the same characters and move motions.

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Certain motions will be more difficult to do with a d-pad but it's still doable. I played with using the d-pad for a while and won a lot of my online matches.

Like Sooty said, SF is more difficult then MK but there are plenty of sites out there to help like or

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i feel like it's way past the point where newcomers are playing online on SSFIV, and people who know that it's their game stick with it online. i'd say if you're going to play SSFIV, get a buddy or two to play with / train with too.

apart from that, there should be no problem for you to enjoy it. the motions are a bit more difficult to get used to, but as someone who's seen another person get good at SSFIV with little-to-no fighting game experience, i don't think it should be too bad for you.

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The fighting game that made me get into fighting games was SSFIV! So yeah, go for it, grab a copy. I play with Juri, 'cause she's a really simple character to use, so you should give her a try.

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There's really no correlation between MK9 and SSF4, outside of the genre. The only way of knowing if you'll like it or not is to give it a try.

I've tried twice now to get into SSF4, before MK and after, and failed both times for completely different reasons. But that's just me. I still MK more than regularly, though.

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Alright, thanks for the advice everyone. I'll probably pick it up sometime next month to play randomly! Thanks all!

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