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    Super Street Fighter IV

    Game » consists of 28 releases. Released Feb 26, 2010

    Super Street Fighter IV is a standalone update to its predecessor, adding new characters, modes, and online features.

    thenexus's Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) review

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    Suprisingly Awesome!

    Its Coming

    Information on Super Street Fighter IV was first accidentally leaked to the public when an image of the game’s producer, Yoshitori Ono, was featured in the German version of Gamepro. The picture was of a screen shot of T. Hawk with the Super Logo in the background of the photo. 
    From This leak discussion of the game exploded all over the internet, Was it an awesome download pack? what was it? WOW, more new stuff!
    The first official news left a little doubt in everyones minds however. This would be a totally new game. Game Media mogals and fans alike were questioning this decision. New characters and a few tweaks can not warrent a totoally new game so soon!
    Capcom though insited it would be worth it, a lot was changing and it will be worth it

    Now then, what do we have here

    Capcom Said they would derliver the goods and by gosh have they!
    Not only do we get new characters, new costumers, new backgrounds the lessons learned from the first game have been included in this new version. The combat system is not only tighter but it has new elements, new moves and now also attempts to allow new players to ease into the game a lot better then the first. And since the first has been released you certanly need that considering how good some players are at this game now.
    I was happy to see some new cut scenes and the effort has certanly been put into the original and new fighting backgrounds and they just look dam good in HD. WIth that Capcom have again gone out their way to add really good re-mixed music along with the original. Capcom really do seem to have nailed the improved audio and graphics stuff throughout their gaming lineup at the moment but know that fans would like the original stuff too.
    I just prefer the re-mixes myself as it is "with the times" but I am glad "the fans" of the original stuff get their fill too.
    Above all this though the biggest impact to the game is not the new characters, it is the Second Ultra for ALL charachters.
    Every character from Street Fighter 4 retains their original Ultra combo attack but now has the their new Ultra Combo attack too. Upon choosing a character the player is allowed to decide which Ultra they want to use during the match. Both behave differently and thus gives you that added tehnicality and tactics to your gameplay.
    I myself am not a "hardcore: SF Player so this is only "really cool!" for me but I know this is a big thing for hardcore players and online gameplay.
    As far as online, there isn’t much at the moment that is different from the original. however, Capcom has promised DLC content that will hopefully improve things. I think this was a wrong decision to make as we all know that Capcom have not quite nailed their online fighting experience. While they have made improvements to this I think a proper revamp to their online system would have gone hand in hand with this new version.

    For the Hardcore Player

    There are many tweaks to attacks, combinations, hit boxes... the works. It has all been looked at and while many of the tweaks will be lost to the average player, again these changes are there for people who will notice them.  The web is already filling up with all the hardcore figures and numbers for this stuff so it is there if you want to look this stuff up.
    The Jury is still out on wether over time this actually makes a positive effect, a good few months with the online play will tell. I am sure this time around though Capcom will role out effective DLC here.

    For the Casual Gamer

     On that note Juri (see what I did there) as Jeff mentions in his review is defiantly there for players to be able to get to grips with the system, feel like they are doing well and thus enjoy the game without having to focus heavily on the gameplay. Juri does indead have basic moves but as Jeff mentioned they are indeed effective.
    It is far from a button mash character of course but it is a lot more accessable and I think some of the general combat tweaks that have been made also ease up on some of the timings to just make them a little more accessable for everyone without "dumbing down" the game to much.


    Capcom have supposidly tweaked the game in such a way that more effective DLC can happen in this version and promised online updates as mentioned should happen as well. I am glad this was not ignored as well and while I think more should have been done with the online for this version I am glad the attention to detail has not been lost in this area with Capcom also. 


    I do not have a high hell of chance to be anywhere online, some people are just way to insanly good and play this game solidly for me to have any hope in beating players out there to a decent level BUT matchmaking is "ok enough" to get by, I wish it was better but it is ok.
    I am playing this as a "pick up and play" game and the updates and new characters certanly make it a worthy purchase.

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