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I don’t think it really comes as a shock or anything less than expected for Capcom to continue supporting the gamer through traditional franchises. The same is to be said for Super Street Fighter 4. I’d not give it more credit than I would any other re-issue, but to add ten characters and then balance it….the amount thought behind that goes way over my head. The ultimate juggling act that I feel most fighters pull off is making me feel like I can win going into any match. Just short of that makes your game a disappointment. Why can’t I pick a fighter and stand as good a chance as anyone else? Super Street Fighter 4 is a glorious update for the fans. Those little tweaks only improved something that you don’t even notice on the surface. All those touches to damage, speed, and moves refine the game to something like a book that has been edited, filtered, and published multiple times.

I was adamantly opposed to the thought of another Street Fighter just a year and a half ago. Dragging the series by its feet from the grave really set the tone up to release date. Now so far removed and buying Super, I’m grateful they ever gave it the chance. The new characters have added hidden depth. Already we had those classics, the original eight. New fighters jacked up the excitement level. No longer was I trying to duck fireballs, now I had to worry about Spanish wrestlers flying through the air, or Ultra’s that fit in so naturally. The newest characters are the most exciting things yet. I like to fight fresh faces. My E. Honda gets the rare match-ups that will give me a real challenge. Ibuki has fantastic knife throws and some of her strong skills baffle the first couple of times. Guy is quick and throws down an aerial show. Juri has a little something for everyone, especially with those charge up fireballs. Cody and T. Hawk are usually solid threats because they can be so unpredictable. My biggest concern has been Hakan. He’s the only one I really don’t feel is a natural fit.

The new modes are a mixed bag. I’m a huge fan of the revamped online. Character specific tracking rocks, and I welcome it. Endless Battles are just fine for watching. On the other hand, somebody who lost will almost always leave the match which can be a little disappointing. Team Battles are great fun. If I could change anything it would allow for a seamless match. Team A defeats a Team B opponent, then Team B’s next in line jumps right in to continue the fight right on the spot. Online fighting is not without flaw though. Ranked matches can be sorted through. You can find your friend and play him over and over. It hurts the world rankings legitimacy.

Fan favorite car and barrel smash mini-games finally returned. I have fond memories of Street Fighter 2, and beating that car to bits. Those are nice little common sense homage’s. The option is there to remove them from arcade mode, proving they did consider everything. Trial mode still doesn’t do it for me, and I get extremely frustrated trudging through that. To each his own….

The music continues to impress me personally. Removing the notorious theme song from Street Fighter 4 was a good move if you ask me! There are some really great remixes floating around this game. The new presentation makes the menus feel lively. I love the icon and title work again this time around. Just making the game presentable in a way that doesn’t ignore the legacy but still modernizes a lot of old school thinking is something I appreciate.

I could recommend the game to anyone. It’s still the tightest and cleanest fighter out there. You won’t find anything better in its class then Super Street Fighter 4.

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