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Great game.

It's been years since I have bought a fighter but after seeing what was in this package and the price point I was convinced this would be a good purchase.  From the start you have all 35 of the characters unlocked and able to jump into the many different modes the game has to offer. It's unfair for me to compare this game to the last since I did not play it but from what I read they have added 10 new characters, some new levels and a better online experience. For someone who hasn't been in the fighting game scene in years I was glad to come across a game that was forgiving in my noobness and was built with a well designed ranking system that matches you up with similar players along with experiencing little to no lag in my many matches.  
The Arcade mode offers a start and ending "Movie" for each character and along with the online play I will be playing this game for quite some time. I love the level designs, music and graphics. I honestly can't think of anything that I haven't enjoyed about the game other then the lack of explaining what exactly it is you have to do in the trial modes but I guess I am a grown ass adult so I should do some research on my own.   
I think the game is worth every star I gave it and I would of stuck with that opinion even if it was a full price game. The fact that it's only $39.99 I wish I could give it one extra star for good measure.  

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