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As It Turns Out Oil Makes Everything Better

Super Street Fighter IV is Capcom's budget priced "sequel" to one of 2009's best games. My experience with the Street Fighter series is limited, having introduced it to myself in mid-2008, but after figuring out some of the more basic moves like the hadouken and mastering one or two characters I felt like I was ready to take on the world. Turns out the world was just as ready to pummel me back into the ground.
For those who are new to the series Street Fighter is fairly different from other fighting games. If you were like me and came from playing Mortal Kombat, Soulcalibur, and Tekken to Street Fighter you will need some time to understand how things work. Once that's out of the way everything starts to click and you'll find that Street Fighter IV has some of the best fighting mechanics ever. After you get used to inputing quarter circles and half cirlcels you should be able to pick and play almost any character easily. This game features all the characters, super combo, and ultra combos that were in Street Fighter Iv plus adds a ton of new characters to the fray resulting in 35 characters unlocked from the start, including former hidden bosses Akuma and Gouken. A few characters from Street Fighter III make a return, including Kabuki and Dudley, plus two new characters: the contortionist Juri and the Turkish oil wrestler Hakan. Both are fantastic additions to the cast of characters and offer two great new options for new and veteran players. As far as the overall control is concerned playing on a normal control pad will really want to make you buy an arcade stick for your console because the 360 controller just really doesn't cut. That being said you can still have a great time with the game using the regular controller. If you couldn't I wouldn't be giving this five stars.
There is a variety of modes to be had in SSFIV. Your offline pickings are standard arcade mode, now featuring two bonus stages one were you smash a car as fast as you can and the other where you smash barrels that drop down overhead. Both bonus stages are decent but after you earn the achievements for them you'll probably just want to turn them off a feature which I am glad they put in. Of course you also have a traditional local versus mode that you can and will play for hours on end with friends and stubborn family members determined to defeat your best character. The online game modes are great offering an endless battle mode where up to six players compete in one on one matches where the loser drops to the back of the line. A team battle mode where two teams of players face each other in one on one matches is also a fun addition. Of course your standard ranked match mode is on there as well for fighting people for bp and pp neither of which I really understand what they mean. Also did I mention this game has lots and lots of titles and icons to collect? Well it does. These are earned by doing almost anything and everything you can think of.
All in all the forty dollar price tag is well worth the purchase. Capcom did a fine job at expertly crafting every part of SSFIV even if all of the additions could of been added in for DLC. Seriously Capcom maybe for Street Fighter V you could just make a Super Street Fighter V download pack and charge like twenty bucks for it. But as someone who only paid like 10 bucks for the PC version of Street Fighter IV I can't say I'm not happy with the price. Buy this. Now!

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