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Super Tetris 3 is the second sequel to the Super Tetris series. It was developed by TOSE and published by Tetris license-holders Bullet-Proof Software on the Japanese Super Famicom exclusively.

It continues to add new modes, following Super Tetris 2's inclusion of the chain reaction-heavy Bombliss mode. Super Tetris 3 has three such bonus modes:

  • Magicaliss, a colorful variant that introduces rainbow pieces and gray pieces as well as a means to change the color of shapes by rotating them four times. Gray pieces drop in combinations of one, two or three pieces rather than the standard four-piece tetromino and these pieces cannot be cleared the standard way. Instead, they float in mid-air when the line disappears. In order to remove them, the player must form lines of the same color. Rainbow tetrominos are considered "wild cards" and will be counted as red, blue or green when in a line with the same uniform color.
  • Sparkliss, which is a fantasy-themed variant of Bombliss in which the player is setting up gems to create larger chain-reactions. By clearing lines with gemstones in them, the gemstones will explode and take out a number of nearby pieces. Putting four gemstones into a square creates a much more powerful gemstone bomb. This mode also has a puzzle variant in which the player is given a specific grid layout and a finite number of pre-determined pieces and must clear the board.
  • Famliss is simply the game's name for its four-player multiplayer mode. Rather than sending garbage to other players after clearing lines, there is a rotating bonus at the bottom of the screen that will activate as soon as the line(s) vanishes. It can either clear lines or add lines.

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