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    Super Thunder Blade

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 28, 1988

    Super Thunder Blade is a shooter casting the player as a helicopter pilot tasked with, almost, single-handedly defeating an enemy army. Super Thunder Blade was one of the two original Japanese launch titles for the Mega Drive. The other was Space Harrier II.

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    Super Thunder Blade is the console exclusive sequel to the 1987 arcade game Thunder Blade. Like its predecessor, Super Thunder Blade is a helicopter shoot 'em up that uses Sega's sprite-scaling arcade technology to create the illusion of 3D movement as the protagonist's vehicle flies "into" the screen.

    This game was recently featured on the Sega Genesis Collection for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the Sega Genesis Classics compilation for Steam (where it was sold as part of Vol. 2), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It also featured on the Wii Virtual Console.


    Weathered and damaged, Thunder Blade returned victorious from it's last mission against the renegade troops. But, this was not to be its last flight.

    Reorganized with mega amount of devastating military electronics and weapons, the renegade troops have once again focused their sights on dominating the free world. From a secret power base in the East, they unleash their deadly troops who will take to land, sea and air powerfully armed.

    But so are you. From the cockpit of this modified bird, you've got a start-of-the-art defence system at your fingertips. An aerodynamically designed alloy body flies up to 523 kph while a 20 mm Gatling Gun fires up to 4,800 shots a minute. A computer-aided flight system takes you through even the most hostile environments. Don't worry, you're firing cannons and dropping air-to-surface AATM missiles from your skids, so there's no stopping you and the greatest chopper in the sky.

    ~Passage from the manual.

    Stages (Levels)

    The following will describe the enemies faced in each level, respectively:

    STAGE 1

    • Hind-Ge: The main offensive force which attacks in formations.
    • Frogger-Ba: A jet fighter with variable wings for high dogfighting capabilities in low altitudes.
    • Merkava Mark IV: A battle tank with anti-aircraft missiles.
    • Maneater Sub-commander: A large tank with a high-power Maser Cannon on its turret. It also fires anti-aircraft missiles.
    • Seaminer Commander: Large aircraft carrier. Destroys the missile launchers on the side of the craft.

    STAGE 2

    • Fuji Sub-Commander: Attack aircraft with Gatling Guns.
    • Land-Buster Commander: Strategic tank with nuclear engine. It moves with immense horsepower.

    STAGE 3

    • Murmansk Class: High-speed warship.
    • Aqua-Lyzer Sub-Commander: Nuclear submarine especially developed for guerrilla attack.
    • U-JAC-001 Commander: Secretly developed space aircraft.

    STAGE 4

    • Sigma-01 Sub-Commander and Sigma-02 Sub-Commander: 25 feet of mechanical armour for the infantry and operated by the soldiers riding in their cockpits. They fire machine guns and missiles.
    • Final target is the guerrilla basement.

    Bonus Points & Earning Extra Helicopters

    • BONUS POINTS: At the end of each stage, bonus points are awarded on the number of enemies defeated and the time elapsed during the stage. A Bonus screen will appear and indicate time required to earn a Time Bonus and number of enemies defeated to earn Defeat Bonus.
    • EARNING EXTRA HELICOPTERS: The player will be given an extra Super Thunder Blade when they earn more than 500,000 points. After that, they'll be given an additional helicopter every time they earn over 1,000,000 points.

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