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Super Wrestle Angels is a card game that frames its matches as wrestling bouts, with the cards representing powerbombs and other wrestling moves. Players select cards from their deck each turn: the player with the highest value card will get the drop on their opponent's wrestler, performing a move on them and sapping their stamina gauge.

The game is part of the Wrestle Angels game series, most of which were released on Japanese home computers. Though it features salacious close-ups of the female wrestlers, the game isn't overtly adult in nature.

The many in-game wrestlers are exclusively female and have defined personalities and traits that come to the forefront during play. The game features a management mode in which the player can put together a stable of wrestlers and organize competitions for them. This management mode was introduced in an earlier game, but the Super Famicom version is considered the first to properly codify the template that future games would follow.

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