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#1 Posted by kortex (548 posts) -

Watching Day[9] playing Bastion makes me wonder what Supergiant Games is working on right now. Bastion 2... anyone? Or something completly new? Maybe something like a JRPG with action elements? Just spitballing here.

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#2 Posted by Morningstar (2408 posts) -

I'd quite like a new game from them right about now.

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#3 Posted by DrFlapjack (336 posts) -

I hope it's something completely new. I know they hired Chris Jurney who used to be a programmer at Double Fine and were hiring a 3d artist a few months ago. Maybe an expanding of the team means something more ambitious?

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#4 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

I started this exact thread a couple of days ago, nice to see im not the only duder wondering what comes next. when i got no replies i was worried that interest in the studio had dropped off. i cant wait to see what they do next

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#5 Posted by Soapy86 (2741 posts) -

Hopefully something new and not a Bastion sequel. I recognize Bastion is a pretty good game, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

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#6 Posted by squiDc00kiE (466 posts) -

I really hope it's not Bastion 2. At least, I hope its something more than Bastion. That game was great, but it played it's course. I'd be much more interested in what that studio can do with another type of gameplay.

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#7 Posted by ch3burashka (6087 posts) -

They're working on their backstroke though their swimming pool of money.

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#8 Posted by Kraznor (1617 posts) - do y'all feel about Transistor? Jeff claims it plays nothing like Bastion but...isometric action of some kind seems to be the foundation so not sure what distinguishes them based on what little has been seen. As one of those fairly underwhelmed by Bastion, not exactly hyper keen but I concede it looks nice, at the very least. Hope the storytelling approach is very different though, I felt the whole second-person narrator thing kind of distanced me from the story rather than pulled me into it.

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#9 Edited by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

I feel like as soon as it became a game and not a beautiful animated sci-fi film, I was disappointed.

Bastion had the narrator as the narrative hook that made you understand why it was specifically a game, and that's the thing missing from their current marketing.

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