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Superhero League of Hoboken is set in a post-apocalyptic United States, where freelance superhero leagues have formed to inspire hope, combat evil, and give superheroes a place to hang out on Friday nights. The game is very similar in structure to a console RPG such as Dragon Quest, with turn based random encounters against groups of enemies, top-down exploration, and inventory based puzzles. Its humor is largely based around the ridiculous nature of the characters' superpowers, such as the ability to create organizational charts, or to see inside pizza boxes without opening them. Enemies consist of mutated humans, animals, machines, and objects, ranging from bloodthirsty packs of wild lawyers, to sentient Tupperware.

Character List

The following are some of the playable characters in the game, along with a brief description of their abilities:

  • The Crimson Tape: Able to create organizational charts at incredible speeds
  • The Iron Tummy: Can eat spicy foods without distress
  • Robomop: Able to clean any mess
  • Mademoiselle Pepperoni: She can see the contents of a pizza box without opening the lid
  • King Midas: His Midas Touch can turn anything he touches into a muffler
  • Princess Glovebox: Able to successfully re-fold road maps
  • Treader Man: Is really good at treading water
  • Tropical Oil Man: Can raise an opponent's cholesterol

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