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    Superintendent Chalmers

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    The superintendent of Springfield's Elementary School district.

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    Superintendent Gary Chalmers was born in Utica, New York City. He attended and studied Ball State University in Indiana, USA where he got a degree by becoming a School District by becoming Superintendent.

    Chalmers first appeared in Season 4 Whacking Day where he takes a tour around Springfield Elementary School where he becomes Principal Seymour Skinner's frinedly boss as Chalmers shows a little tolerance towards Skinner when he becomes the victim of Bart's pranks . Like Skinner, Chalmers also dislikes Bart Simpson due to his menacing behaviour, he is very short-tempered at times towards Skinner whenever he is trouble controlling those kids , running the school council and often yells at him due his catchphrase: SKINNERRRRRR!

    As Chalmers and Skinner are on good terms, he used to date Skinner's mother Agnes since he's now widowed from his deceased wife he had Rosemary Chalmers and he has a daughter named Shauna.

    He is most well known for appearing in the "Steamed Hams" sketch of the episode "22 Short Films About Springfield" where he is invited by Skinner over for lunch only to be told 13 lies. It became a source of internet memes in the late 2010s.

    First Appearance: Whacking Day

    Voiced By: Hank Azaria


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