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    Suppressive Fire

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    Suppressing fire is firing your weapon at the enemy to force them to stay in cover, to reduce their mobility and their ability to return fire and reconnoitre your position. Impossible to do right in games, due to the fearlessness caused by players not feeling pain when they are shot.

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    Suppressing fire is an important tactic that allows a team to advance whilst the squad automatic weaponry is used to suppress the enemy for a period of time. It is best achieved using weapons with large belts of rounds and that are not prone to overheating, such as light machine guns, so that the fire is constant otherwise those relying upon support may be prone to attack. Suppressing fire is not to be confused with spray and pray fire. The main difference is that suppressing fire is used when the enemy's postion is known and to allow a player or team to advance. Spray and pray is used when the location of the enemy is unknown; concealed by foliage, behind a wall or as a desperate act when under pressure.

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