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I feel like a failure, I'm not too bad at RTS games, I actually got pretty good at Company of Heroes at one point but for the life of me I cannot complete this game.  
I'm stuck on the very first Cybran mission of all things, no matter what difficulty I put it on or which strategy I go for I end up being overwhelmed once the download reaches the 50% mark.  I've tried building turrets at the 3 approaches to the base, I've tried building up my defences around the approaches one by one, I've tried teching up to the experimental unit as quickly as possible and I've even tried ignoring ground based defences and relying on swarms of fighter/bombers but nothing seems to work.  Am I doing something wrong here? Am I missing some essential bit of knowledge? 
This is so frustrating, I must've started this level 20 times by now and I swear that if there was one more mass extractor on the level I could scrape by. 
Please... somebody help me

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How much online have you played? Playing alot of online and watching replays will probably teach you some valuable strategies.

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@SgtMustang: Yea I never play online with RTS games.  Well besides some Total War once in a blue moon. 
I did actually solve this level though.  I just built a crap load of engineers and loaded all of my research into the building trees.  I had enough engineers that any damage to turrets was healed before the next shot hit them and any units I killed I instantly recycled the materials for.  It worked incredible well until they started throwing Soulrippers at me.  3 of those attacking you doesn't exactly give you much time for building AA turrets.  My commander was literally the last guy starting as he sprinted for the teleporter. 
Great mission once you've cracked the strategy ;)
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The online in Supcom2 is the best part, the campaign isn't nearly as much fun (at least for me). If you wanna learn some strategies or something you can send me a friend invite over steam if you have it. My account name is sergeantmustang, at least I think so xD
About that mission, those soul rippers killed me the first time, I was really close to the teleporter by the time it killed me, pretty annoying to get that far in a mission just to die right before the end lol.

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