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Supcom 2 Review

Supreme Commander 2! Just the name makes me think of large scale battles, hour+ long matches where the tide can turn if one is not careful. At least, thats what "Supreme Commander" makes me think of, not the "2" part. But how is the sequel? Well, theres two point of views to this. The "fan of the original" point of view, and the "haven't played the first one" point of view. If you've played the first one, then you will be disappointed to learn that the scale of the game has been toned down.... alot. You still have pretty big maps (not as big as the first one though) with the super zoom and you can still pump out a shit ton of units, but the changes to the economy and removal of tiers has watered down the experience into a stale RTS formula. Don't get me wrong, I love that stale formula, but I just don't think it fits the Supcom games. For example, in the first one, when you pumped out a Experimental Unit it felt pretty good because you spent so much time and resources on it, plus they were all super bad ass. In Supcom 2, its much easier to get your experimental units out, requiring alot less resources and alot less time, making them not as satisfying to unleash and so much easier to take down. The replacement of tiers with a research system doesn't work bad, but again, feels like it watered down the experience of a huge scale RTS. You now have only a few land, air, and sea vehicles to choose from, and they rival the tier 1 units from the first Supcom, with the exception of a few. Overall, matches have become much more bland and much less exciting. I haven't played much of the campaign, but first 3 missions are boring, making me not want to continue the story. 
Now if you haven't played the first one, then your in for a treat. This game is much easier to pick up and play than the pretty steep learning curve of the first Supcom. If you have played any RTS game before, you can jump into a match without a tutorial, and catch on in about 2-3 minutes. The only few problems a newcomer to the franchise would have would be the lack of "Oomph" to the units (most of them dont really pack a punch), but thats understandable since you'll be massing them anyway, and there aren't that many units to choose from, especially on maps that you wont be using a certain type as often, like land, or naval. 
Overall, Supreme Commander is a game you should probably pass on or wait until the price drops if your a fan of the original, or, for you newcomers, is a pretty straightforward RTS experience that has a larger scale and no less depth than most RTS's.

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