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The Archery Range
The Archery Range

Surefall Glade is nestled between the rolling Qeynos Hills and the Jaggedpine Forest. Within the dense forest, some of Antonica's best druids and rangers hone their skills before venturing into the wild. Humans and half elves that choose to follow Karana will often leave the walls of Qeynos as soon as possible to begin learning nature's secrets in the Glade. While on friendly terms with the great human city, Surefall is one of the few areas of western Antonica not under Antonius Bayle IV's rule. The druids and rangers are self governed. A glittering pond can be found not far from the cabins. A small waterfall feeds this pond, while bear caves lie hidden behind the falls. Occasionally, a poacher from the nearby Jaggedpine Forest will enter these caves in hopes of snagging a bear pelt. These poachers are not tolerated, and are often incinerated by a nearby druid or pierced by a well placed arrow from a local ranger. The druid guild itself is inside a massive redwood, which also serves as a teleport location for skilled hierophants. As such, it is the most convenient teleport location for much of the western half of Antonica. The glade provides the bare necessities to young druids and rangers including trainers, general supplies, and fletching tutors. It isn't long though before they must venture out and across the hills to Qeynos for things like a bank and crafting kiosks.

Neighboring Zones

Starting City


Half Elves
Half Elves
  • Guards of Qeynos
  • Jaggedpine Treefolk
  • Protectors of the Pine
  • QRG Protected Animals

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesGuildmaster
Jaggedpine TreefolkDruidsTe`Anara
Protectors of the PineRangersHager Sureshot

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Archery RangeFletching
Frannie's ForgeSmithingHalf Elf Forge
Jaggedpine TreefolkGeneral Supplies, Slashing Weapons, Blunt WeaponsFletching
Protectors of the PineGeneral Supplies, Slashing Weapons, Throwing WeaponsFletchingForge


Notable NPCs

Jaggedpine Treefolk
Jaggedpine Treefolk

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