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    Survival Kids

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 17, 1999

    After a horrible shipwreck, a young boy/girl survives and is stranded on a deserted island. As this boy/girl you must find the basic needs for survival while exploring the island to find a way back to civilization, or ultimately be at one with the island.

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    Released on the Game Boy Color in 1999, Survival Kids was fairly impressive both for its time and its platform. The open-ended nature of the game wasn't often seen on early portable gaming systems.
    It would be easy to draw comparisons between this game and products from other mediums such as LOST and Castaway. Stranded on a mysterious island, there is very little interaction with any other living creatures, other than those you hunt. You can, however, befriend a monkey fairly early on, if you're desperate for humanoid companionship.
    The game had very little storyline to speak of, but it did have a wide variety of endings. These endings were extremely varied, and included various methods of escaping from the island and either dying in your attempt to reach civilization, or safely making it home. You could also opt to not escape and to stay on the island, in which case the game could continue forever, becoming a sort of deserted island Harvest Moon.
    While the first sequel, Survival Kids 2, was only released in Japan, the series continued onto the Nintendo DS and the Wii, though the series saw a name change to Lost in Blue outside of Japan.

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