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Overview is a multiplayer shooter with a top-down perspective in the battle royale genre.


Weapons and Ammunition

When spawning, everyone starts without any weapons but his fists. Fists are close Range and do a small amount of damage. Fists can be equipped by clicking "3" and make the player run faster.

The player can have up to 2 weapons at a time. One can switch his weapon by switching between the slots. (Press 1 or 2). Right-clicking a slot drops the weapon so you can give it to your teammate.

When picking up a weapon, it is not loaded, independently from whether it was before someone dropped it. Weapons drop from destroyable loads which can be found on the map, as well as randomly on the ground. Like every Item, they also drop from dead players.

Every Gun needs one type of ammo: red, orange or blue.

Blue is needed to fire mostly strong weapons with a lower drop rate.

Orange is needed to fire Guns and Miniguns.

Red is needed for shotguns.

The following are the weapons available: (Note: Grid needs to be filled, you can find the names of some items here:

ShotgunHigh damage, but spraysLow, around the vision of scope x1Red

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