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    Switchblade Monkeys

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    An independent studio in Vancouver started by former developers from Radical Entertainment and Blizzard.

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    Switchblade Monkeys was founded by Yousuf Mapara, former Art Director at Radical Entertainment. Together with a group of close friends and industry contacts, the company began work on their first game, Secret Ponchos.

    Taken from the Secret Ponchos website:

    "The Switchblade Monkeys team started as a group of friends working in the industry on a variety of games with different studios. We realized we all had this unfulfilled creative energy and drive that needed to be resolved, and to do so, we had to make something outside of the studio and corporate development environment. So we gathered the horses, circled the wagons, and got making Secret Ponchos as an independent passion project.

    Our goal was to make a game that would go toe to toe with any studio game in terms of quality while simultaneously addressing our burning need to be able to take risks and create something unique and fresh. But most importantly, our goal was to make a creative, unique game that we felt had raw appeal and that we would want to play."


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