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    Sword Master

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 21, 1990

    Sharpen the Blade. Summon the Magic. Your Enemies await.

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    In Sword Master you play as a knight who has been summoned to defeat a evil wizard who in-turn has summoned a demon. The world consists of seven stages starting from the outskirts of a village forest to the Wizards castle.

    You are able to swing your sword high, medium and low, as well as being able to block high attacks and low attacks.

    At the end of the second stage the player is able to transform into a wizard who has a magic bolt attack. However this attack has no extra range than that of the Knight’ sword and he is also unable to block.

    There is a experience system that will increase as you kill more enemies, once your experience bar fills you are given some extra life and your experience resets. This is a crucial part of the game as you are only given 5 credits to complete the game, however as long as you don’t turn off the system your life and experience will remain the same.

    A cheat code which may be helpful for players wanting to complete the game but not having to start from the beginning is a free-play cheat.

    At the Title Screen hold DOWN and SELECT while pressing START.

    If you press UP rather than down you will get access to a boss rush mode.


    First Level

    • Bat

    Can be troublesome at first as they have a S pattern as they pass across the screen

    • Wolf

    Will sometimes do a jump attack, they move very quickly so it’s important to stay as far back as possible.

    • Skeleton x2 (challenge boss)

    The skeleton is a simple mid level boss, he has the same abilities you have except his sword is shorter.

    • Ogre (challenge boss)

    Probably the easiest enemy in the level, he has longer range than you but will not block. Jump in, attack then jump out and he will go down easy.

    • Wizard (boss)

    The Wizard is the first boss enemy you’ll encounter and he has two attacks and can also teleport. The attacks can be blocked high and low but they do come quickly, the Wizard can also teleport on top of the player damaging him.

    Second Level

    • Zombie

    These basic Zombies have no special abilities or attacks, they will simply keep walking towards the player.

    • Crawling zombie

    Same as the regular Zombie except they will need to be killed with a low attack

    • Flying fire ball

    They move in a S pattern like the Bat from Level one, but also spit fire.

    • Floating eyeball

    These are more obstacles than enemies, they can't be killed and can only be jumped over or under. You will find two just before the boss that can prove troublesome to jump over if you aren't able to perform a double-jump over.

    • Blue Knight (boss)

    The hardest enemy so far, he has the same abilities as yourself except his sword is longer. Jumping in and attacking along with some well timed blocks is the only way to defeat this tough enemy.


    • The rear of the box has a specific point about a double-jump feature calling it “multi-jump”

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