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Syberia III is an adventure game currently in development by Microids. The game missed its original June 2010 release date. Syberia III will be released for PC. The game will include cooperative multiplayer gameplay, and PC and Playstation 3 players will have to work together to reach the ending. It is also known that Victoria McPherson from the Still Life games, will make an appearance in Syberia III.


Syberia III was announced on April 1st 2009, and it was speculated that the entire announcement was an April Fools joke. According to a press release by Microids, Syberia III will be in real time 3D, unlike its two predecessors.

In a press release dated April 17 2009, Emmanuel Oliver stated that the game will be released on PC, but might not be available on PlayStation, due to problems with Sony. Sony had previously denied Microids to release PlayStation 2 versions of Syberia and other games by the company, in the US. Since then however, PlayStation 3 ports of Syberia 1 & 2 have been published on the PlayStation Network by Nordic Games, and Syberia III itself has been confirmed for a PlayStation 4 release.

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