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    Syberia is an adventure envisioned by Benoît Sokal to find the mystical world of Syberia and to find the once thought extinct animals called Mammoths.

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    Syberia is an adventure series that tells the story of lawyer Kate Walker as she is arrives at a factory that produces Automatons to help her client, Universal Toys, purchase the factory from its owner, Anna Voralberg.  
    Immediately she learns Ms Voralberg has recently died and the factory is owned by a long thought lost heir, Hans.  He's brother to Anna, a genius inventor and creator of many Automaton.  He is lost somewhere between the Alps and Siberia.  Kate must find this enigmatic man to finalize the deal. But in her journey to find Hans, she eventually discovers more than she bargained for. 
    SPOILER: The journey not only leads her to find Hans, but to find a once thought to be extinct animal called the Mammoth.
    Syberia I & II are point-and-click adventure games where you take control of the main character, Kate Walker, as you explore and search for  Anna Voralberg's brother Hans. The game has elements of Art Nouveau and Steam Punk worked into the story, with one of the characters, Oscar, being an automaton.
    Syberia is on the PC, PS2, XBOX and Nintendo DS while Syberia II is just on the PC, PS2 and XBOX. A box of both games has been released for the PC called Syberia: The Collectors Edition.


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