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 Very little is known about this extremely young and mysterious race. Whether it be because they tend to keep to themselves or because they do not wish to divulge any information about themselves or their people. What is known of them is that they were spawned by the Pale Tree located in Arbor Bay along the eastern coast of Tyria. The tree itself was planted by two fleeing individuals, one a Centaur and the other a Human who were trying to escape the violence that Tyria was plagued with. And from this tree the Sylvari people were born in response to the great threat of the Dragons that were now stirring. It is because of this that they believe their purpose is to vanquish the evil that lies in this world. And alothugh the Sylvari are still young and untainted by the harsh and cold outside world they stand ready to fight and destroy the Great Destroyer.
The Sylvari have an extremely strong and intimate bond with nature and other Sylvari that they call "The Dream of Dreams". And in this immensely powerful dream they can communicate with one another in remarkable ways. Which makes the Sylvari people and the wildlife a sort of Hive-Mind like entity. However with Dreams come nightmares and "The Dream of Dreams" is no different. At the opposite end of the spectrum is something called the "Nightmare Court" which spawned from the nightmares that inhabit "The Dream of Dreams". The Nightmare Court is comprised of other Sylvari that, for whatever reason, have turned on their own kin. Even less i known of The Nightmare Court Sylvari other than they want nothing more than to turn the beloved Pale Tree and use it for their will.
 A Female Sylvari
 A Female Sylvari

If a player chooses to play as a Sylvari they will be given two major decisions that they must make at the character creation page. The First is what time of day they were born, which will automatically assign a season to which they are related. And then the Sylvari will have to choose a particular creature for which their character will have a particular fondness for. These decisions will in no way affect the players skills and talents, it will however influence the players background story. The times of day and creatures are as follows:
Time of Day
 Dawn Spring
 Day Summer
 Twilight Autumn
 Night Winter
Lesser Creatures:


  • The Sylvari people make their weapons and armor out of organic materials like leaves, roots, and bark.

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