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    Sylvia Christel

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    A mysterious major character from No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2. A member of the United Assassins Association, she sends Travis off to kill the top assassins and cleans up afterwards. Might, eventually, have sex with Travis.

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    Sylvia Christel is one of the main characters of No More Heroes 1 and 2. She is voiced by Paula Tiso in the English versions and Marina Inoue in Japanese.  She is named for Sylvia Kristel, original of the Emmanuelle series of erotic films.



    Throughout No More Heroes and its sequel, Sylvia Christel is the main reason Travis fights up the ranks of the United Assassins Association. After meeting her in the bar, she sends him off to defeat Helter-Skelter, the #11 ranked assassin, as a test of his skills. After he easily succeeds, she hints that if he gets to #1 that they might just have sex and sends him off to climb the ranks. 
    During each chapter, she follows a set pattern: Travis gets a call on his answering machine to go defeat an assassin, Travis does so, and she shows up with her two helpers Talbot and Weller to clean up the mess. Directly before each fight, she sends him a cellphone message wishing him luck... and telling him how horribly bad his odds are.

    Though at first she's cold and aloof, as the first game progresses Sylvia seems to like Travis more and more. One of the ranked fights -- the one against ranked assassin #4, the stage magician Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii -- even occurs on a date between the two and ends in a kiss after his success. Before the #3 fight, she even drops her usual act of telling him the horrid odds to ask him to come back safely.
    Unfortunately, after defeating Bad Girl, the #2 ranked assassin, Sylvia doesn't appear with her clean-up crew. When the worried Travis tries to call her, he gets her mother instead, and she reveals to him that the United Assassins Association doesn't actually exist and Sylvia is actually a professional con artist using it as a ploy to gain finances. Travis heads off to defeat the #1 assassin anyway and learns the full truth -- Sylvia is in fact the ex-wife of his brother, Henry, but she has actually truly fallen in love with him during the game.
    In No More Heroes 2, set three years after the first game, Sylvia tricks Travis to go through the UAA yet again to get revenge on his best friends' killers, who all luckily are also in the UAA. She, however, isn't as active a character in the sequel as in the first game, preferring instead to withdraw from it all and controlling things from the background. She still continues her relationship with Travis, though.

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