Soloing Co-op Maps.

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Has anyone else started playing with taking on a mission alone? I just tried today and went after Gabron. I did alright, but never made it to the end. I'm thinking once I max out EMP it will make the encounters with armor a smoother. I think I need to work on ammo conservation or get beast of burden
My loadout was Reboot and Shield, Kusanagi Assault rifle with long scope.

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@BlaineBlaine: I'm working on it right now. On Normal it seems very doable, I already soloed 3 of the maps, will try to finish the rest today and check back in. My tools of choice: sniper rifle, shotgun, shields, C2C pulse. you need to keep yourself out of danger and alive as much as possible. Shields and C2C pulse are best for this in all situations, both trash mobs and when you are trying to extract chips from agents under fire.

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Have fun with New England.

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Woot! Just finished soloing all the maps on Normal.

To be honest the most nervewracking moments were pretecting the damn UGVs. Since you just don't take that much damage on Normal, combine that with Shield and C2C and i only died once in this entire effort (funnily enough on West Europe, got cocky in the end) But the UGVs are still hella vulnurable especially when there are lots of dudes coming in and you are just trying to keep up killing everyone. The agent heavy parts like ends of Atlantic Accelerator, Scandinavia, New England were actually not that tough. As long as you rush and take out the healing agent first, then the dude with a minigun, the rest are pushovers. Shotgun even without the damage buff can still decimate agents on Normal. I just kept the Shield + C2C unused for those fights untill I needed to do a chip rip, then you run in do the rip, and those 2 abilities (fully upgraded obviously) are enough to keep you alive even against a minigun on Normal while chip ripping. Soloing reactive armor is a breaze since you just line of sight those bastards to not get chewed up.

So in conclusion, yes it's very possible to solo co-op, at lest on Normal. And obviously having the important upgrades/research helps.

Now soloing Hard? I dunno, there are places where there are simply too many dudes shooting the UGVs and you will get overwhelmed because you have to protect the fucking things. Otherwise I would say that it is doable it's just a matter of attrition, but pushing the limits when you are facing reactive+liquid combo's. I'm certainly not going to try, too much stress.

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Damn... I didn't even think of c2c.

I'll try when I get home... After leveling haha.

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