Syndicate European Origin Release (AKA The "SEOR-WTF" Thread)

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Hi, fellow bombers!

I've got a pretty simple question for you lot; has anyone in europe purchased Syndicate over the Origin service? If so, are you able to play the game? If not, when will we be able to?

To provide you with a little backstory from own pile of corporate tragedies, I purchased the title over Origin about two days ago; eagerly awaiting the so called "release-date", the 24th of this month. Today in other words. Well, I've yet to recieve a pre-load option, I'm unable to play the game. Hell, I haven't even recieved a bloody product-key. (Insert slander about the unnecessity of Origin, comments about EA and their money-grubbing tendencies, praise/lick boot of Gabe Newell, lamentations about this advanced capitalist society, etc, etc.) So naturally I'd like to know whether this is just something on my end, say some issues processing my purchase, or if any other duder out there is having similair issues?

I HAVE googled this numerous times and ended up with nothing of use, whatsoever. Also sent a somewhat angry sounding mail to EA-Services, hell, they deserved it; but have yet to hear back. If the release of a major title is delayed, you'd suppose they'd take the time to inform their paying customers.

Cheers in advance.

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Heeey, I recieved my game! A full 36 hours too late. Feel free to close this barren wasteland of a thread.

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