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Synther - a detective game with action elements.

Neo-futuristic setting

The game is set in the not too distant future, in which humanity is growing bolder in their cosmic ventures, colonizing the Moon and Mars. The III World War, although devastating, contributed to the advent of new forms of communication and quicker technological development. Massive paramilitary organizations, experimenting with synthetic bodies called their agents’ avatars to life. The player is one of those agents, sent to track down three fugitives.

Open world

Exploring the city of Vesser player discovers it's secrets. Using the subway or a car to get around. Entering homes, offices, stores, even gaming salons, searching for clues and evidence. Talking to people met on the street - everyone has something interesting to say!

Investigation methods

The success of missions depends on the evidence and clues player manage to find. Analyzing items he finds, gathering and comparing fingerprints, carefully examining the bodies of victims and interviewing suspects, then checking how different clues are connected in a special panel.

Personal microcomputer

There is no HUD in Synther. All data is kept in personal PDA, which gathers information regarding the investigation. This kind of approach allows the player to fully immerse themselves in the game world and take in the amazing, neo-futuristic atmosphere.

Elaborate dialogue system

In the year 2065, the English language is a thing of the past. The citizens of Vesser use a completely new language, as well as a special alphabet. The personal microcomputer is a reliable translator which will not only translate the speech of the locals but will also transcribe the written text into a readable form.


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