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    Syphon Filter 2

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 29, 2000

    In Syphon Filter 2, you play as Gabe Logan, as well as some others, saving the world from the infamous Syphon Filter virus.

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    Syphon Filter 2 is a stealth third person shooter released February 29th, 2000 for the Playstation and was released through Playstation Network on September 10th, 2009. It is the second game in the series, and the story picks up right where the first game ended.


    The protagonists, Gabriel Logan, and Lian Xing lead a squad of agents to escape Kazakhstan after finding the chief executive of Pharcom, Jonathan Phagan's back up files, only to be found and ambushed by the Agency, and to have Lian captured. Gabriel Logan's mission is to find data discs and a cure to the Syphon Filter disease.


    To control Gabriel, you can use the analog stick or use the D-Pad to run or push the analog stick slightly to walk, press up on the D-Pad to pull an agent up from a ledge and to sneak up on someone with X.

    To aim your weapon you hold L1. Press left or right to turn or to move while hanging from ledges, press down to move back words or to drop down to a ledge, if you tap down you can do an 180 spin. Press square to attack, slash your knife, or throw a grenade.

    The X button is a multi-function button, hold it while moving to crouch for sneak attacks, you can use it to walk while in disguise, or to select an option.

    The triangle button is multi functional depending on the situation you are in, you can press triangle to activate/throw switches, open doors, or operate your equipment, jump on to ledges, reload your weapon, respond to radio calls using the Advance Communication Device (ACD), exit menus, and in sniper mode or while your using binoculars, press triangle to zoom in.

    The circle button is used to roll around, and while sniping or using the binoculars press circle to zoom out. Pressing select will allow you to access the weapon selection which is displayed at the bottom of the screen, press and hold the select button to access your inventory found across the top of the screen, and while in the inventory you can press L2 and R2 to change items, release the select button in order to select your weapon.

    Pausing the game will access the ACD for access to information about your mission and your weapon status. Press R1 to lock on to a target, you can keep on pressing it to cycle through enemies closest to farthest. R2 and L2 allow`s you to strafe or peek around.

    Weapons & Other Items

    • Combat Knife - designed for close combat
    • 9MM Silenced Handgun - standard military firearm, used for short range.
    • .45 Handgun - double action semi auto weapon with great recoil and firepower
    • M16 Assault - is light weight combat proven, is accurate and easy to control
    • G-18 Machine Pistol - a 60 round per second fire rate makes this pistol the most lethal ever made
    • BIZ-2 Machine Pistol - is easy to fire and is use full in tight situations
    • HK-5 Machine Pistol - There are more than 23 recognized variants
    • 12 Gauge Shotgun - Is a powerhouse in close range
    • UAS-12 Rapid - Holds 12 rounds
    • PK-102 Assault Rifle - A full features rifle, but is easy to conceal
    • K3G4 Assault Rifle - Has a huge fire rate, but damage is lackluster
    • H11 Sniper Rifle - A full fledged rifle
    • Night Vision Rifle - Extreme accuracy
    • Crossbow - Is more silent than a silenced hangun, so is great for stealth
    • Hand Taser - Is not a lethal weapon, it delivers 80,000 volts
    • M-79 Grenade Launcher - A deadly single shot
    • C-4 Explosive - Can be planted to an object and launched at will
    • Tear Gas Launcher - Launches a can of gas, is used for stealth
    • Air Taser - Gabe's taser from the first game, can reach enemies over long distances


    The multiplayer in this game supports up to 4 players



    Rhomer's Bunker

    Pharcom Site

    Agency Computer Lab


    D.C. City Park


    Ajier Prison

    Club 32 Disco Basement



    The ESRB rated the game Mature for Blood and Violence.


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