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Syrupent is the first or three snake forms in Viva Pinata. The other two are Twingersnap (a two headed snake) and Fourheads (a four headed snake). 

Resident Requirements

To get a Syrupent to vist your garden you need 1% of your garden to be made of grass and to get it stay in your garden you will need 2% of your garden to be grass and for the Syrupent to eat a Mousemallow

Getting Twingersnap

To get the next two forms of the snake you'll need to romance the Syrupents. To do this you'll need 3% of your garden to be grass and the two Syrupents you want to romance each need to eat 1 Lickatoad. You'll also need the Syrupent house of course. Once the snakes have done their business and received an egg don't take your eyes off of it. The egg will hop a little bit like normal but right before it hatches it will make three big hops. On (before it hits the ground) the last, biggest jump hit the egg with your shovel. A baby Twingersnap should come out of the egg. To get a Fourheads you need to romance two Twingersnaps and do the same thing with the egg.


Syrupents have 3 color variants (like all pinatas) that you can get by feeding it a specific items.
For a Blue Syrupent feed it a Bluebell Seed.
For a Pink Syrupent feed it a Bottle of Medicine.
For a Yellow Syrupent feed it a Buttercup Flower.

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