Here's an early look at System Shock 3!

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#1 Posted by Rorie (5807 posts) -

The thought of a new Warren Spector-involved SF game is pretty damn exciting. I'm assuming this is still a long ways away, but it looks pretty neat nonetheless.

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#2 Posted by Relkin (1196 posts) -

As much as the idea of a new SS excites me, Otherside creating it doesn't really inspire much confidence.

Despite it's troubled development history, I'm still more interested in that remake of the first game that Nightdive is making.

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#3 Posted by Rigas (842 posts) -

That Shodan face still gets me after all these years. I'm sure its not a big deal now, but that revelation in System Shock 2 was one of the most mind-blowing things I experienced back then.

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#4 Posted by soulcake (2809 posts) -

I don't know what it is but i can always tell when a game is made in unity something with the look of the used assets.

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#5 Posted by Casepb (724 posts) -

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. It gave off a nice dark vibe.

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#6 Posted by Gundato (290 posts) -

Cautiously optimistic, but I'll agree with the RPS take on wishing Shodan weren't there. Don't get me wrong, her re-appearance in 2 is still one of my favorite gaming moments and she is my phone's wallpaper. But she means nothing to the vast majority of the consumerbase and there are more interesting things that can be done.

Ah well. nu-Prey will probably remain the "true" successor to System Shock and Bioshock (Nanoshock? CrisprShock?). And the fact that there is even question about what is the "true" successor to System Shock is says wonders about how weirdly awesome the modern era of gaming is.

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#7 Edited by The_Nubster (4224 posts) -

I have no nostalgia for the series, let me say that first.

But I think this looks bad. I know of SHODAN and her huge impact in the first two games, but at this point she's such a known quantity. There are three outcomes of this:

1) You kill SHODAN. Woohoo, job done! System Shock 4 will have SHODAN back as a twist.

2) SHODAN kills you. Oh no, job not done. What a sad and dark ending. System Shock 4 will have SHODAN.

3) There's an EVILER baddie! SHODAN dies to save you/is killed by this new evil fella. System Shock 4 will have another evil AI.

Honestly, all of these outcomes suck. it seems like System SS3 is trying to play off of nostalgia for fans while giving newcomcers the SS1 experience of SHODAN. I think I'll just play the remake.

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#8 Posted by Relkin (1196 posts) -

Rather than make a new post, I figured I would just add to this one:

Nightdive Studios, the developers working on that remake of SS1, have just put out a new gameplay video; roughly 21 minutes of gameplay footage starting at the very beginning of the game.

Loading Video...

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#9 Posted by Shindig (4948 posts) -

I like the look of that remake. I remember playing the demo so many years ago and don't think I can bring myself to play the original in full. It gets the atmosphere right.

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#10 Posted by Relkin (1196 posts) -

@shindig: The Enhanced Edition of SS1 is a pretty good way to experience the original, if you don't know about it; the inclusion of WASD movement alone makes that game more palatable by today's standards.

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