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The T44 was an experimental prototype tank that was supposed to succeed the successful  t34 tank, it was developed from the earlier T-43. Around 2000 was produced, but production was cut as the factories focused on producing upgraded t34s. The 44 saw some limited service at the very end of WWII, but is unlikely that it ever saw combat as it was kept out of the front line because of lack spare parts and lacking crew training. The most produced tank of all time, the T-54 was developed from the T44. 
In Games 
Due to it being a relatively obscure tank, and not really seeing any combat in real life, the T44 has not been featured in many games. It is however the current top tier Soviet tank in World of Tanks. It is supposed to be eventually succeeded by the T-54. It is know for its tendency to explode due to its weak armor around the ammunition storage area.

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