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    T-Veronica virus

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    A powerful genetically engineered bio-weapon created by the Umbrella Corporation. Created by combining a sample of the Progenitor Virus with an ancient virus found in the genes of a Queen ant.

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    The T-Veronica Virus was created by Alexia Ashford. It is formed by mixing the Progenitor Virus, DNA from plants and the DNA of a Queen Ant. Antartica was the chosen place of storage as there the virus would be unable to damage the local ecosystem  and also the virus wouldn't be able to disperse.
    Alexia first tested the virus on ants and after she observed them she used her first human subject, her own father, Alexander Ashford. After noting the effects of the virus on him, she sealed him below the Antarctic base and injected herself, before entering a 15 year cryogenic sleep.
    The original only known sample of the virus was stored in Alexia and the virus was thought to have been lost as she was defeated by Chris Redfield. However, a modified strain was used on Steve Burnside and it was through him that Albert Wesker was able to gain a sample of the virus. 

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