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    The loyal droid of Revan, it's an expert hacker and engineer. However, it has an acid wit.

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    T3-M4 is a utility droid that accompanied both Revan and the Jedi Exile on their journeys. The droid was specially made for Davik Kang on Taris, but was appropriated by Revan for his own needs in breaking into the Sith military base on Taris. After that criminal escapade, the droid stuck with Revan as they escaped from Taris, and followed him for the rest of his search for the Star Maps. After Revan left known space, T3-M4 came into the possession of the Jedi Exile, and accompanied her on her journey as well. 


    In the first KOTOR, T3 is portrayed as a purely neutral side ally who provides little to no conversation outside of combat, and only chimes in during important events where he was needed.
    In KOTOR II according to numerous sources who are either knowledgable in droids, or droids themselves, T3 has not had any memory wipes which allowed him to develop a crafty, caring, and somewhat energetic personality.  In a few cut scenes it is revealed that T3 also has a like for playing pazaak.

    Involvement in KOTOR II

    At the start of the game, T3-M4 repairs the Ebon Hawk after an attack by sith forces and with the aid of another astromech droid that he finds, manages to get the ship to the Peragus Mining Facility along with the Jedi Exile. T3 was also instrumental to aiding the Exile's escape from the facility after it comes under attack from the same Sith forces that attacked the Ebon Hawk.  
    After escaping Peragus, T3 remains onboard the Ebon Hawk while the Exile's party is taken under house arrest by the Telos Security Force (TSF). While under investigation by the TSF, the Ebon Hawk gets stolen by the Handmaiden and T3 along with it where he is placed in the secret Jedi Academy in a force field where his memory was downloaded by the Handmaidens however he was also able to download the academy's databases as well, which contained information on the Jedi Masters who attended the Exile's exile sentence, which he gave to the Exile after being rescued and leaving Telos.
    T3 again plays a significant role on Nar Shadda when the Exile is captured by the Exchange. He enlists The Champ to help him transponder codes from a guarded warehouse that the Exile's party needed to find where the Exile's location is.  

    Cut Content

     In one of the Ebon Hawk scenes, T3 would be trying to convince Atton to play Pazaak with him to which Atton agrees too, but doesn't like it because he states that he believes droids cheat, when the exile asks what is occuring, it is revealed that T3 "bled atton dry" in credits.


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