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    An older veteran from the days of the Soviet Union, Tachanka is a connoisseur of antique weaponry, and maintains a WWII-era RP-46 to serve as a deployable machine gun on defense.

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    Original Design

    Since the release of Rainbow Six Siege, Tachanka has become a mascot for the game despite being widely accepted as the worst Operator. His mounted machine gun is only effective against the most careless of attacking teams, and using it requires the player to remain still in one spot, making them especially vulnerable. Ubisoft added a protective shield mounted on top of the machine gun early on to try to increase his effectiveness.

    The negligible benefit he brings to the defending team has endeared him to fans of the game, who have taken to calling him Lord Tachanka. Ubisoft honors this nickname in-game with the name "Lord" written out on the gun's shield.


    At the Six Invitational 2020, Ubisoft revealed that Tachanka would be getting a rework in Year 5. This rework changed his mounted RP-46 into a primary weapon, with his new gadget becoming the Shumika Launcher, an incendiary grenade launcher with grenades that explode after a short timer, allowing Tachanka to bounce them off walls if needed, covering a modest area of the floor in flames that burn an enemy's health and temporarily deny them safe movement through the area.


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