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Though this deceptively simple game is quick and easy to pick up and learn to play, it has a surprising amount of depth and strategy to it. Teamwork is very important, and so is knowing how and when to use power ups, boosts and bombs.


The object of the game is to pick up the other team's flag and capture it by rolling over your own flag. When you have the flag, you can be tagged by anyone on the other team (unless you have a rolling bomb power up), popping you and returning their flag to their base. It's also necessary to protect your own flag by tagging anyone who picks it up.

There are gates that can be activated by pressing the button that belongs to it. When a gate is off, everyone can pass through it. However, when the button is pressed, the gate will become that team's colour and only players on that team will be able to pass through. Some gates are on by default and cannot be passed through by any team unless the button is pressed.

Power ups help both in defense and offense. There are currently three power ups in the game:

The three power ups
The three power ups
  • Grip (a.k.a "Juke Juice") allows you to accelerate and reach your maximum speed at faster rates, making it easier to avoid contact with other players and escape tricky situations.
  • Rolling Bomb fills your ball with unstable energy. When you touch an opponent, you release a huge burst of energy, knocking back all players around you. This removes the power up. Additionally, the burst of energy protects you from being popped. It is a single-use invulnerability.
  • Tag Pro gives you the ability to pop any opponents who come in contact with you.

Power ups respawn a while after picking them up.

Lastly, there are boosts, which rapidly accelerate you (who would have thought), and bombs, which send you flying when they are activated by touching them or pressing a button.

Major League TagPro

Major League TagPro (aka MLTP) is a league comprised of 5 teams, currently in its second season. Before the first season, there was a draft to create the first 4 teams: Ampersaints, CoSinners, Holy Rollers, and LagProne. The regular season lasted 4 weeks, where teams schedule specific times to meet in group play. Each game lasts 20:00 minutes, with halftime at 10:00, where teams switch colors and make substitutions if needed. During the playoffs, Ampersaints and Holy Rollers played 3 games before Ampersaints were named the series winners. In season 2, Ampersaints disbanded and 2 expansion teams were created: Marble Madness and Flag-Gets. The original teams were allowed to secure 4 players, including themselves. The rest were released for another draft. The 2nd season will last 5 weeks before entering a round-robin playoff match amongst the top 3 teams. Because the Ampersaints disbanded, each team now has a BYE week.


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