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Sonic and Tails have decided to take a break after their latest adventure together. During his time alone, Tails discovers a small island where he decides he wants to spend his vacation, he names it "Tails Island". One day while taking a nap in the woods, he is suddenly awoken by a large explosion which causes a large fire around the area. Tails runs into a Flicky that explains whats happening on the Island. The Battle Kukku Army has invaded Tails Island in search of the hidden Chaos Emeralds and Tails is the only one who can stop them.


The world map of Tails Island
The world map of Tails Island
Unlike games in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Tails Adventure is a much slower platformer that features several puzzles, and an emphasis on back tracking and item collection. Tails' main form of attack is using weapons that he has collected throughout the game; his starting weapon is a small bomb. Health is represented by a numerical value next to a Ring Item Box in the top left corner of the screen. The starting amount of health is 10 and as the player collects Chaos Emeralds the value will increase eventually maxing out at 99 once all six emeralds are collected. Health can be replenished by collecting Golden Rings that are dropped by defeated enemies and blown up rocks. Tails also has the ability to fly but this is limited by a gauge that appears under the item icon; to begin with, Tails can fly for 3 seconds and maxes at 15 seconds.

In total there are 26 items for Tails to collect across the game's 12 levels. Some items act as weapons while other items are used to solve puzzles, however the player can only choose to take four items into each of the games levels. To change the equipped item during gameplay, the player has to pause the game and scroll through them using the D-Pad. The player can see what item they have equipped by looking at the icon placed under the health.

The equipment menu
The equipment menu
One of the more useful items is the Remote Robot which is used to solve a large number of the game's puzzles and is often used clear the main path for Tails. When using the the Remote Robot, Tails stands in place while the player takes control of the robot. The robot controls very similarly to Tail in that it can walk, jump, and fly but it has many advantages that Tails does not; the robot's flight ability is not limited by a gauge and it can also walk on many environmental hazards like lava and spikes. If an enemy hits the Remote Robot, it will automatically return to Tails. The robot can also fit into small spaces that Tails himself cannot. During underwater segments, the Remote Robot will turn into the Sea Fox which was first seen in Sonic Triple Trouble.

Item List

  • Regular Bomb: The only item the player starts with, it is mainly used to destroy blocks of stone and enemies. It can be thrown while crouching, jumping, and dropped while flying.
  • Large Bomb: The Large Bomb is designed to destroy stronger stone blocks but can only be used while the player is on the ground. It is placed directly where Tails is standing.
  • Remote Bomb: The Remote Bomb is thrown like the Regular Bomb but this bomb will roll along the floor until it runs into a wall. The Remote Bomb has to be detonated by the player by pressing the 1 button a second time.
  • Napalm Bomb: Also thrown like the Regular Bomb, the Napalm Bomb isn't lethal until it lands on the floor. Once that happens it creates a trail of fire that crawls across the floor.
  • Triple Bomb: An extremely powerful version of the Regular Bomb.
  • Wrench: This item is used in the Final Zone.
  • Helmet: Tails pulls out a giant helmet and hides under to prevent damage from attacks. While using the helmet, Tails cannot move.
  • Remote Robot: A small robot that Tails can use to collect items in areas that Tails himself cannot get into.
  • Hammer: A melee alternative to the Regular Bomb, it can be used to kill enemies and destroy stone blocks.
  • Teleport Device: When this item is used Tails is immediately transported back to his house.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Used primarily in Poly Mountain 2, this enables Tails to see in the dark.
  • Speed Boots: These boots increases Tails' walking speed.
  • Super Gloves: The Super Gloves give Tails the ability to carry large items.
  • Fang: Increases the chances that Rings will drop when enemies are killed or when stone blocks are broken.
  • Knuckles: This allows Tails to punch enemies and stone blocks like Knuckles the Echidna.
  • Sonic: Tails is able to use Sonic's Spin-Dash technique.
  • Item Radar: This item is used to spot items that the player may have missed in any stage.
  • Radio: The Radio is used to change the music playing in the background.
  • Chaos Emeralds: There are six total and each one increases the player's maximum health by 10. Once all six are collected, the player's max health is increased to 99.

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