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A Demon Faction led by Emperor Doviculus. Their Style is based off of Industrial Metal.


The Tainted Coil was among the first new life that arose from the oceans of blood that resulted from the death of Ormagöden. They had inherited the twisted forms of the First Ones, but were infused with the angry power of the Fire Beast as well. They were feared and despised by other beings, and were almost driven to extinction, but for the intervention of the majestic Titans who took pity on them and adopted them as pets. In awe of their merciful masters, they began to hide their deformities with painful, restrictive garments, as to closer resemble the Titans. 
When the Titans eventually left the mortal plane and ascended to godhood, the Tainted Coil was filled with fury and a sense of being abandoned, and they tried to call back their masters through dark magic. Their efforts failed, and instead they accidentally created a race of lesser replicas of the Titans - Humans. The humans appearance and lack of both size and power was to the Tainted Coil nothing but a mockery of their failure, and, their despise for the new race of Man only growing, they enslaved them all.


The way units work in Tainted Coil is different then that of Ironheade and Drowning Doom. It is split into three types of units; Hierarchy, Minion, and Summoned Units.

Hierarchy Units

Created on the stage like units in other factions, but used to create minion units from anywhere on the map. 

Minion Units

Created by Double Teaming with Hierarchy units
  • Soul Kisser
  • Punishing Party
  • Skull Raker
  • Screamwagon
  • Pain Lifter
  • Heart Cutter
  • Hate Cage

Summoned Units

Summoned directly onto the battlefield by magical solos played by Doviculus.
  • Tick Chopper
  • Bleeding Death

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