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Takanori Arisawa is a Japanse composer who made his work for the Sailor Moon franchise with his music. Most of the songs that made him a legend are transformation themes, attack themes and background music.


  • Sailor Moon Classic: Moon Prism Power, Make Up!, Moon Tiara Action
  • Sailor Moon R: Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!, Moon Princess Halation!, Ai
  • Sailor Moon S: Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!, Moon Spiral Heart Attack!, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!, Super Sailor Moon, Ai no Message
  • Sailor Moon SuperS: Moon Crisis, Make Up!, Moon Gorgeous Meditation!, Amazon Trio, Amazoness Quartet
  • Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Moon Eternal Make Up!, Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!, Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!, Chibi-Chibi
Here's a chart of the songs and the season the song is in. 
 Moon Eternal Make Up! Transformation Theme Sailor Stars
 Moon Spiral Heart Attack! Attack Theme Sailor Moon S
 Moon Power... ni nare! Transformation Theme Sailor Moon Classic/R
 Ai no Message Background Theme Sailor Moon S
 Moon Tiara Action Attack Theme Sailor Moon Classic
 Inner Senshi Star Power, Make Up! Transformation Theme Sailor Moon R-SuperS
 Sailor Teleport! Background Theme Sailor Moon Classic/R
 Moon Cosmic Power Make Up! Transformation Theme Sailor Moon S
 Moon Crisis Make Up! Transformation Theme Sailor Moon SuperS
 Amazon Trio Background Theme Sailor Moon SuperS
 Moon Princess Halation! Attack Theme Sailor Moon R
 Mercury Aqua Mirage Attack Theme Sailor Moon SuperS
 Sailor Mercury Transformation Theme Sailor Moon SuperS
 Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss! Attack Theme Sailor Stars
 Eyecatch Commercial Theme (To/From) All
 Subtitle Episode Intro Theme All
 Rainbow Moon Heart Ache! Attack Theme Sailor Moon S
 Moon Gorgeous Meditation! Attack Theme Sailor Moon SuperS

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