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Takaya is the confident and fanatical leader of a group known only as Strega. Strega exists as SEES enemy and antagonist throughout Persona 3. Aside from Aigis, he is the only Persona-user in the game who does not use an Evoker to bring out his Persona. Instead, he forces it out through seemingly sheer will, causing him to fall to the ground and clutch his head.

Takaya's Persona: Hypnos
Takaya's Persona: Hypnos

As the game progresses the player learns that this particular method of 'activating' his Persona is a double edged sword. While he can activate his Persona, the process also shortens his life. Since he knows he doesn't have long to live, he does not think much about the consequences to his actions, and his biggest desire is to see the world die with him.

Takaya's Persona is Hypnos. In Greek mythology, Hypnos is one of the offspring of the goddess of the night, Nyx, along with Thanatos and Nemesis.

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