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    Takuma Sakazaki

    Character » appears in 31 games

    Takuma Sakazaki is a character in the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters franchises. He sometimes masquerades as "Mr. Karate."

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    Takuma Sakazaki is the father of Ryo and Yuri Sakazaki.  He is the the most established practitioner of Kyokugen Karate. Kyokugen Karate is a mix of Japanese and Okinawan Karate styles and is meant to protect it's users from physical harm. Kyokugen Karate is considered one of the most violent styles of Karate and it is primarily taught only to males of the Sakazaki line (that founded it).

    Recently the idea to train only males of the family has changed. Takuma has trained his friends son, Robert Garcia and his only daughter Yuri. Yuri was kidnapped in 1978 by Mr. Big on orders from Southtown Crime Boss Geese Howard. In an effort to keep this from happening again Takuma decided to train her in the family art.


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