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    Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 21, 2012

    The second game in the Tales from Space series, this downloadable puzzle-platformer for Sony's PSV handheld sees the player as an ever-hungry blob who wishes to consume all matter on the planet Earth.

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    Mutant Blobs Attack is a puzzle platformer that takes place in the universe of DrinkBox Studios' first title of About a Blob, though it is not a direct sequel, but a stand-alone follow-up. The game was originally released for the PlayStation Vita with a follow up release on the PC on August 15th 2012. Both versions are $7.99.


    Player controls a mutated Blob who has the standard platformer controls. Absorbing objects is automatic, unlike in About a Blob, and the blob moves at a much higher speed than the blobs did in the original game, which eliminates the use of the turbo/run button. As in About a Blob, the main conceit is to absorb objects in order to gain power and grow in size as to better traverse the platforming levels. The blob can make use of a ground stomp feature and is able to both attract himself to and repel himself off magnetic surfaces, in order to reach new heights and platforms in the level. Each checkpoint forces the blob to grow to a specific target height in order to absorb larger items and to get to the next section of gameplay (much like in the Katamari series). Certain checkpoints in the game place the blob in zero gravity areas, allowing him to propel himself like a rocket, complete with a turbo booster.

    Certain areas of the level have gates, platforms and other objects that can be manipulated using the touchscreen capabilities on the Vita. For example, players can move certain platforms closer to the blob's proximity, or they can spin a non-functioning spiral fan in order to blow food & objects for the blob to absorb, objects that were unreachable beforehand. The rear touchpad is used to boost the blob during the zero gravity areas, though this is an optional control use. The game features bonus levels, each with a different theme, and each utilizing the Vita's gyroscope. Players can tilt the Vita in order to control the blob in these sections- some levels mimic a wooden labyrinth, while others are deliberately retro.


    Platforms respond to touch-screen.
    Platforms respond to touch-screen.

    The protagonist is an irate, genetically created and mutated blob who seeks revenge on the scientists (and the society) who forced him into numerous dangerous experiments. The story is told through the perspective of the humans, through faux-television reports and newspaper articles, showing their attempts to neutralize the mutant threat. The cutscenes are cartoonish and tongue-in-cheek in nature, featuring gibberish voice acting and exaggerated character motions and facial expressions.

    Though he bears similarities to the main character in Tales from Space: About a Blob, the mutant blob is not the same character.

    PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Win7
    • Processor: 2Ghz+
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: >= 256 MB, Shader Model 3.0 or better
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
    • Additional: The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is the only supported gamepad

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