Level 16 - Impossible Gold Medal

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I've found every single Blob in this game. And all gold medals, except for one. Level 16, which is part of the Badlands set of levels. I've scoured the entire level, eaten all the dots, devoured every object and person, and made it through the level in around 3 minutes. And all I end up with is around 29,000 points, and no Gold medal. Is there something I'm missing? Normally I wouldn't beg for help on these forums, but I'm truly stumped, and I'm apparently the only person to be having this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Ya, it's a tough level. The score for a gold medal is 29000. If you get 29000 and not gold, I'd suggest taking a picture and sending it to the developer with an angry face.

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