PC or Vita version?

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#1 Posted by JSwan13 (354 posts) -

This game seems really cool and I'd like to pick it up soon but I need help picking which platform to get it on.

Are there any major differences between the two versions? I heard about the way the PC version handles the touch controlled stuff, but I don't think that will really bother me.

Thanks guys.

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#2 Posted by Vextroid (1538 posts) -

I say the Vita so you have something to play on the bloody thing.

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I can't remember much about how the game took control of the vitas inputs, but I think that's a good sign I don't remember it. Meaning it played naturally and the vita's vitaness didn't get in the way of gameplay. And I am going with Vextroid on this one, if you have a vita with the compatible game, just go for it, gives you an excuse to play the thing.

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#4 Posted by JSwan13 (354 posts) -

Vita it is. You guys are right I haven't touched my vita in months, almost forgot where I put it.

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