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Ending to another chapter in a great series.

Monkey Island

has had quite an extraordinary legacy in the gaming world. They'll also be a twenty-year long (and strong!) series next year. The first release, The Secret of Monkey Island, was released in 1990 for MS-DOS (ahh...the days), Macintosh, and the Atari. Fast-forward 19 years and here we are with the final installment in another fascinating entry into the series, the "Tales of Monkey Island" series finale: "Rise of the Pirate God".

Created by critically-aclaimed developer, TellTale Games, (famous for producing episodic titles, such as the modern Sam and Max games), this game aims to close up another chapter in the life of the series.

The game picks up where Chapter Four: "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood", left off. You are now a ghost, clinging on to a remnant of your "corporial self", after a bit of confusion, and figuring out where you are, you meet a "Death"-style character. This tip-collecting skeleton wants some coins to give you a ride on his boat. This is where the puzzling begins, and, in traditional Monkey Island style, the beginning's easy. Once you give him your coins you'll move into the "Crossroads" where the game really begins.

Guybrush's aim in the story is to find a way to get back into the living world to make contact with his wife Elaine and to stop LeChuck from taking over the world with his...erm...army of monkeys. There'll be many twists along the way, as well as memorable characters, such as a thief who can steal stuff and crack safes with his toes, a ghost pirate with a hole right through his stomach who loves getting treasure, a swordsman without a head who wants someone to fight, and loads more.

The dialogue in Rise of the Pirate God is absolutely solid. The amount of humour the writers have managed to put right into the dialogue is great. The voice actors also deliver the lines superbly. You will be having many laughs in this installment of the game, but not all laughs, there will be gasps, sighs, and perhaps even tears in this installment.

All in all, you'll love this and definitely will have to buy it if you've played the first four in the series and enjoyed them. It'll bring closure to another era in Monkey Island and give you a good few hours of gameplay if you rush through and are a total know-it-all, but might last you a while if you have a hard time *cough me cough* figuring out the puzzles and riddles. If you are a point-and-click adventure game fan but have never played any of the series, I highly recommend you check out the first four in the series. Even if you're not a fan of the genre but want a good game with funny dialogue and a great story, definitely pick this one up as well.     
Review written by me, Adrian Vergara, originally for GamesPoint

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